Interview with: <[GG8]sVEN@aBs>


<Slice> Real Name, Age Location?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>sven mydahl opalic, 17, norway

<Slice> How long have you played starcraft?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> october 98, on and off

<Slice> do you play any other games?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Not really

<Slice> Have you played in any major tournaments?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Yes

<Slice> can you list some?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> some tourny in copenhagen don't remember what it was called.
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> a tourny at worlds biggest LAN, called the gathering
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Lan arena 5
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> WCGC
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>Played some games in kbk quals to the season where slayer won
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> But it was sumer, so i stopped playing

<Slice> Did you win any of those?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Yea, won the gathering
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Won the french qualifications
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> to LA5
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Nono
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> WCGC is what i won
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> and came 3rd at La5
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> then i won some local small tournys and stuff like that
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> and a 2v2 with slayer at lille
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> a tourny in france
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> and the gathering was also 2v2 with slayer

<Slice> Win alot of money?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>: Not really
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> I mostly win the small tournys
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Beating slayer
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>then he ownes at the big ones
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> kinda gay^_^
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> I won maybe 3-3,5k USD
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Some prizes were just some hardware i sold

<Slice> How would you compare europe gaming to the rest of the world?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> well, id say there are better european players then most of the rest of the world
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> but, koreans own us all

<Slice> Why do you think starcraft has been such a big succes in korea?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> Hm, guess cus the companies invested so much in internet technology
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> and the game room started coming
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> back in the beginning, quake 2 was benned, so gamers mostly plays rts, and SC is SC is imo the best rts game.
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> So it was a natural development i guess
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> and when companies are willing to pay ppl to play, then of course ppl will play, and sc is kind of a game to watch
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> etertaining, so it also reaches the public

<Slice> what do you think of pro gaming?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>: Its not what i want to become, thats for sure, i had offer to be pro gamer at WCGC but turned it down
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> well i often get sick of playing, and have to take breaks
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> u cant do that when u get paid to play
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> i used to be pretty good at soccer
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>: and i could play it all the time
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> so back then i wouldnt have minded to paid to play
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> but i think if u commit urself that way u have to be ready to do ur best at all times
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>: which im not at bw

<Slice> Define "Gosu"
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> it used to mean a person that wins alot
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>now so many good players are dried out
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> and will only play 100% at few occasions
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> so now it's more what "one would be able to do if one cared", mor ethan what u do all the time

<Slice> Can you tell me the top 5 bw players from korea, then top from rest of world?
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>: hm, top 5 in korea will probably jus tbe the top 5 famous players
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> but there are tons of players in korea
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> that could deserve to be there.
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> so no point in making a list really
[2nd part of question
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs>: Slayer
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> ntt, when he doesnt do stupid shit just to be arrogant
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> grrr... i guess, smuft, dunno bout the last
<[GG8]sVEN@aBs> lots of even players there too