Interview with Liquid`Drone
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Interview with Liquid`Drone


<SCgie> Name/Age/Location ?
<Liquid`Drone> Eivind Leknes 17 years old and currently located in
Trondheim, Norway

<SCgie> Since when have you been playing StarCraft?, And have you played any
other games (Competitively)
<Liquid`Drone> I started playing sc april first 98; which is also the day
it was released in norway =o
<Liquid`Drone> I havent played any other games compedativly, but I have played a ton of games :\, quake 1 I used to play a ton, but then sc was released ^^

<SCgie> Have you won any tournament money ?
<Liquid`Drone> about $1000
<Liquid`Drone> in different tournaments..

<SCgie> Can you name some of those?
<Liquid`Drone> It was all LAN parties.
<Liquid`Drone> I got second in a tournament held at The Gathering (the worlds largest LAN party) in 99
<Liquid`Drone> won about $600 there
, then me and my brother got third at The Gathering 2000, after being owned by [gg99]slayer and [ggwhatever]sven in semi :(

<SCgie> Did you meet any ProGamers there?, if so which one's
<Liquid`Drone> well, I met slayer and sven in 2000

<SCgie> What is your best race? (1v1/2v2)

<Liquid`Drone> hmm.. ive been playing random 99% of the time the past two
<Liquid`Drone> so im *pretty* equal
<Liquid`Drone> I say zerg is probably best 2v2 race
<Liquid`Drone> and perhaps protoss is best in 1v1, cept I suck hard pvp :(


<SCgie> What is your ladder high? (Both SC and BW)
<Liquid`Drone> bw Ive never tried.. went 10-0 1241 on gamei if that
<Liquid`Drone> in sc I got 1411 last season, and that is also my high

<SCgie> Who do you think are the Top 5 SC / BW Players ?
<Liquid`Drone> hm.. if its regular starcraft, I think I have to go for Liquid`Nazgul as nr 1 :( hes gay but kinda good ^_^
<Liquid`Drone> 2-5 I honestly have no idea.
<Liquid`Drone>in bw, I think [gg99] = best non-korean by far, other than
that I have no idea. sven is also incredibly good.

<SCgie> Which are the players who enormously progressed in your eyes?
<Liquid`Drone> the player whom ive had the chance to *watch* improve the
most, is Corbalt
<Liquid`Drone> I knew him when he was a "not very good zerg" and now he is
a world class protoss ^^
<Liquid`Drone> Liquid`Ninja has improved a ton after he joined liquid..

<SCgie> Do think SC/BW will die out after WC3 is released?
<Liquid`Drone> hmm..
<Liquid`Drone> I dont think it will die out completely, however I am 99%
certain I will stop playing sc/bw for good the day I get my hand on a beta

<SCgie> What do you think of SCDynasty.Com ?
<Liquid`Drone> its a really really cool site with a really really cool
webmaster :D
<Liquid`Drone> and everyone should gogogo there now
<Liquid`Drone> cept they are already there
<Liquid`Drone> :(

<SCgie> Shoutouts?
<Liquid`Drone> OHhHOOH ok... SFR, Git'Em, Liquid, phearsome, you, andy.
and everyone else I cant think of right now :(
<Liquid`Drone> (well not everyone only the people I like :[ )